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Albuquerque Film & Media Experience at El Pinto
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       |_ Video Recipe Marinade using Red Chile Sauce for Seafood
El Pinto's Scorpion Salsa made with one Hot Chile Pepper the Trinidad Scorpion
Gluten Free Green Chile
Green Chile Nutrition
Best of the City
Black Friday Sale
Co-Packing, Hot Fill Manufacturing, Private Label Manufacturing
Dry Aging Process for a Tomahawk Ribeye (2)
Dry Aging Process Tomahawk Ribeye
El Pinto Blog
       |_ $7 Million Salsa Manufacturing Expansion
       |_ Albuquerque Film Festival
       |_ El Pinto Eliminates Trans Fats in Frying
       |_ El Pinto is the Best New Mexican Restaurant
       |_ El Pinto Premiers on A&E's Big Kitchens
       |_ Gabriel Ayala at El PInto
       |_ Looking for Scorpion Salsa?
       |_ LPGA Star Rosie Jones' Favorite Albuquerque Places
       |_ New Single Serve Cups in 4-Packs
       |_ R.C. Gorman Collection Art at El Pinto
       |_ Thank you from Iraq
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       |_ The Salsa Twins Launch Kickstarter
Balloon Fiesta at El Pinto
Black Friday Sale
Co-Packing, Hot Fill Manufacturing, Private Label Manufacturing
El Pinto Blog
Fiesta Fun without Fiesta
Give Them Enchiladas
El Pinto Blog
El Pinto Blog
El Pinto Blog
El Pinto Blog
El Pinto Blog
El Pinto Blog
Sunday Yoga Series with SWEAT Yoga
El Pinto Hatch Chile Fields (2)
El Pinto names Marc Quiñones as Executive Chef
Father's Day MATANZA!
FREE Tickets from El Pinto to Jackson's MMA
Health Secrets
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Herradura by the Bottle
Patron Concert Series Tobias Rene
Raw & Wild Pilot Episode
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